Hiring a Landscape Designer

Have you ever felt that parts of your yard just don’t look quite right, but you aren’t sure what to do?  Or maybe you’ve had the same plants and shrubs for a long time and they simply need to be replaced.  Is there a spot where nothing seems to grow?  Perhaps you’re building a new home or addition and have a blank outdoor canvas to work with.  These situations call for the services of a professional landscape designer. Many people do not realize that a landscape designer is the ideal person to help create a plan that can correct any current problems as well as enhance the space so that it is not only functional but beautiful.   Following are some points to consider.

Budget and Cost 

Hiring a landscape designer will most likely save you money in the long run.  The designing and planning is the most important step of any landscape project – big or small.  A well thought out plan avoids costly mistakes, such as putting in shrubs or trees in places where they won’t grow.  A professional takes into consideration soil conditions, sun exposure, drainage, watering needs, growth patterns and other factors so that plants will thrive. They also have experience with colors and textures of plants and plant material so that everything works together and adds to the beauty of your home.  In addition, you won’t find yourself going over your budget because a good designer will ask what your budget is, then design the plan accordingly.

Meet with the designer

In order to create a personal and customized plan, a designer will schedule several meetings to develop and refine the overall plan.  Some questions that should be asked are: How will you use your outdoor space and will those needs likely change?  Will you want the project done all at once, or done in phases? How much time do you want to spend on maintenance? What styles do you prefer?  A designer will have sketches and photos of previous jobs for you to look at.  You want a designer that will take into account your ideas and preferences, while also suggesting new concepts and possibilities.  Ask how the designer works with the other contractors on site (if any) so that the final product meets – or beats – your expectations. Even if you want to do most of the work yourself, you still need to have an overall plan.

A landscape designer will incorporate green and sustainable practices are environmentally friendly which will result in lower maintenance costs. These practices include methods such as composting, collecting rainwater, xeriscaping (a landscape requiring minimal or no irrigation once established), using recycled and organic products, and not using synthetic chemicals. Native plants should be used whenever possible and the placement of trees can provide shade to reduce air conditioning costs.

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