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If you are in need of grading or lawn drainage work give Gudeman Gardens a call. Your grading and yard drainage issues will be addressed and we will work with you to develop a plan for rainwater remediation and lawn reestablishment.

If the slope of your yard is wrong you may have yard drainage problems caused by improper grading.  After a hard rain or even simple lawn watering, you may notice pools of standing water that are not readily absorbed into the ground. It’s not uncommon to have basement seepage and flooding or foundation problems caused by poor grading that allows the water to flow toward your home’s foundation. In these cases, we can alter your yard’s grade in such a way to alleviate these problems.

Many times clogged gutters and your downspouts are contributing to the water issues. If this is the case, we recommend tying your downspouts into a yard drainage system to carry stormwater further away from the house.

Sometimes grading alone will not work, and you may need a more complex yard drainage system. You may need to consider installing yard drainage systems like:

  • Surface drain inlets
  • Underground drain tile
  • French drains
  • Downspout connections/ Bury Downspouts
  • Even connections to municipal stormwater drainage systems (where allowable with permits)

The solution for your lawn drainage problem can easily be incorporated into your yard’s overall landscape design.

Dear Marcus,

We wanted to thank you and your team at Gudeman Gardens for all the great work you
did at our Bloomington home. From the first time we contacted you to help us with
resolving a basement leak and outside drainage issue, to the completion of the project,
the professionalism of you and your team provided us with the best service of any
service company we have worked with in the area.

In finding a resolution to our leak your advice that we install a French drain system in
our front yard and also connect downspouts to the French drain, not only solved our
leak, but improved the look of our home. The landscaping that you did including the
addition of rock, trees and shrubbery gave us exactly what we were looking for in
improving the look of our home.

You and your team did such a great job; we would highly recommend your company to
anyone looking to take care of a drainage issue on their property or looking to improve
the look of their home by helping them with a landscaping project.

Best Regards,

David & Sandy

November 26, 2016



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