Spring Lawn & Landscape Clean Up – Preparing for Spring!

Spring is the season of growth, renewal, and repair. Winter’s cold, snow, and ice disappear, leaving chaos behind – broken limbs on trees and shrubs, squashed turf and plantings, tipped over fencing, misplaced stones and bricks from walks and walls, and damp, moldy piles of leaves and debris on the lawn. Yuck!

Gudeman Gardens’ services help your turf and landscape recover from winter and look beautiful. Spring is also a great time to explore adding a new feature to your property. Schedule your lawn and/or landscaping audit and consultation today.

  • Detail and manicure your gardens to help them look their best.
  • Renovate damaged lawn areas
  • Edge ornamental beds and add mulch to enhance its appearance and improve the garden’s soil and environment.
  • Sweep and remove sand from parking areas, walks, lawns and driveways.
  • Prune winter damage and renovate overgrown shrubs.
  • Clean-up sticks, branches, and the winter’s debris.
  • Install a colorful annual planting to accent your property.
  • Add a new feature like a garden, a patio, or a splash of color from a perennial garden.

Contact Gudeman Gardens

We will be glad to stop by your property to take a look and discuss your needs with you. To set up an appointment or just to ask for more information, contact us at (309) 839-9448,  click on the “Contact Us” link, or send an e-mail to info@gudemangardens.com

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