Fall Services – Schedule Now!

With fall finally on the horizon, we offer many landscape services to benefit your home or business’ exterior.  After this hot and dry summer, the cooler fall temperatures make a great time to start that landscaping project you have been waiting on.

Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs as there is sufficient time for the roots to develop which is key to plant establishment.  If your lawn needs improvement, early September is the time to aerate and overseed.  Aerifying removes small plugs of soil to allow air and nutrients to penetrate the soil. The cool weather is ideal for newly seeded lawns to become established.

And there are still a couple of months left to add a new patio for enjoying the nice fall weather! We can install seat walls, retaining walls, and patios in a custom design for you.

Our fall maintenance services include shrub pruning, tree pruning, leaf removal, cutting back perennials and just overall leaf cleanup. These are inexpensive but necessary services to keep your gardens looking great for years.

Call now to book any of these services!


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