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January 15th, 2015

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Border Plantings & Privacy Landscaping

June 5th, 2014


Before & After – Border Landscaping in Bloomington IL


Everyone loves to see before and after pictures! Take a look below to see what Gudeman Gardens recently finished to add some privacy between backyard neighbors. In a few years when the shrubs have grown in this will be a nice solid green privacy wall!


Items incorporated included 14′ arborvitae trees with large 50″ rootball systems, 5 tons of decorative rock, over 100′ of natural stone edging, and shrub installation.




screening, landscaping bloomington il




landscaping bloomington il

Landscaping Bloomington IL – Call us at 309-839-9448 if you are interested in similar privacy plantings or other landscape installation work in Bloomington/Normal!

We Now Have A Facebook Page!

March 17th, 2014

Gudeman Gardens now has a facebook page.  Please feel free to leave reviews, comments, or ask questions and connect with us!

Spring Lawn & Landscape Clean Up – Preparing for Spring!

March 17th, 2014

Spring is the season of growth, renewal, and repair. Winter’s cold, snow, and ice disappear, leaving chaos behind – broken limbs on trees and shrubs, squashed turf and plantings, tipped over fencing, misplaced stones and bricks from walks and walls, and damp, moldy piles of leaves and debris on the lawn. Yuck!

Gudeman Gardens’ services help your turf and landscape recover from winter and look beautiful. Spring is also a great time to explore adding a new feature to your property. Schedule your lawn and/or landscaping audit and consultation today.

  • Detail and manicure your gardens to help them look their best.
  • Renovate damaged lawn areas
  • Edge ornamental beds and add mulch to enhance its appearance and improve the garden’s soil and environment.
  • Sweep and remove sand from parking areas, walks, lawns and driveways.
  • Prune winter damage and renovate overgrown shrubs.
  • Clean-up sticks, branches, and the winter’s debris.
  • Install a colorful annual planting to accent your property.
  • Add a new feature like a garden, a patio, or a splash of color from a perennial garden.

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Hiring a Landscape Designer

July 5th, 2013

Have you ever felt that parts of your yard just don’t look quite right, but you aren’t sure what to do?  Or maybe you’ve had the same plants and shrubs for a long time and they simply need to be replaced.  Is there a spot where nothing seems to grow?  Perhaps you’re building a new home or addition and have a blank outdoor canvas to work with.  These situations call for the services of a professional landscape designer. Many people do not realize that a landscape designer is the ideal person to help create a plan that can correct any current problems as well as enhance the space so that it is not only functional but beautiful.   Following are some points to consider.

Budget and Cost 

Hiring a landscape designer will most likely save you money in the long run.  The designing and planning is the most important step of any landscape project – big or small.  A well thought out plan avoids costly mistakes, such as putting in shrubs or trees in places where they won’t grow.  A professional takes into consideration soil conditions, sun exposure, drainage, watering needs, growth patterns and other factors so that plants will thrive. They also have experience with colors and textures of plants and plant material so that everything works together and adds to the beauty of your home.  In addition, you won’t find yourself going over your budget because a good designer will ask what your budget is, then design the plan accordingly.

Meet with the designer

In order to create a personal and customized plan, a designer will schedule several meetings to develop and refine the overall plan.  Some questions that should be asked are: How will you use your outdoor space and will those needs likely change?  Will you want the project done all at once, or done in phases? How much time do you want to spend on maintenance? What styles do you prefer?  A designer will have sketches and photos of previous jobs for you to look at.  You want a designer that will take into account your ideas and preferences, while also suggesting new concepts and possibilities.  Ask how the designer works with the other contractors on site (if any) so that the final product meets – or beats – your expectations. Even if you want to do most of the work yourself, you still need to have an overall plan.

A landscape designer will incorporate green and sustainable practices are environmentally friendly which will result in lower maintenance costs. These practices include methods such as composting, collecting rainwater, xeriscaping (a landscape requiring minimal or no irrigation once established), using recycled and organic products, and not using synthetic chemicals. Native plants should be used whenever possible and the placement of trees can provide shade to reduce air conditioning costs.

Call Gudeman gardens at 309-839-9448 to schedule a design consultation.


Create a Landscape Unique to You

June 15th, 2013

Are you less than excited by the state of your landscape? With the nice weather we’ve had lately, it’s tempting to head out to the nearest garden center to pick up a few shrubs and perennials to fill in some bare spots. But have you considered hiring a landscape designer first?

A beautifully functional landscape requires more than a few trips to the garden center. Unlike decorating inside, plants grow and change over time. Whether the space is large or small, we can use our design experience in laying out your space. You can still install the plants yourselves if you are on a budget, but you will have a plan completed by a professional giving you peace of mind that you won’t have to change things down the road.

We’ve all seen gorgeous garden beds, ponds, and retaining walls and perhaps you’ve tried to replicate the look – but what works in a neighbor’s yard might not work in yours. Sometimes, plants available one season might not be available the next, making it hard to unify your property into one space.

Plants sold in catalogues might not survive our winters as well. The amount of sunlight, soil type, a plant’s growth habit, and many other variable factors can affect the plant selections that will work best for you. Gardening is not like architecture, where once you put up a building it just needs general maintenance. Plants grow and change throughout the seasons and years, creating a constantly different garden. Our education and experience in horticulture and design brings perspective to how landscapes will mature over time.

The insight and time it takes to think about a property can save you money in ways that a one size fits all style can’t do. The value of a plan put to paper pays dividents in the long run, fitting the conditions of the space while also creating something unique and special for each client – not simply selling plants stocked in a store. We also don’t force our own style on you – yes we all like some things better than others – but it is your home and we will work with your likes and dislikes to help you feel comfortable with what you really want.

Whether your idea of a personal oasis is a lush, plant filled backyard with the sound of flowing water, or a shady patio requiring little maintenance, working with a designer can help you achieve the look that’s right for you, saving money over the long term by planning from the beginning.

Contact us today at 309-839-9448 to schedule a consultation.

Fall Services – Schedule Now!

August 11th, 2012

With fall finally on the horizon, we offer many landscape services to benefit your home or business’ exterior.  After this hot and dry summer, the cooler fall temperatures make a great time to start that landscaping project you have been waiting on.

Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs as there is sufficient time for the roots to develop which is key to plant establishment.  If your lawn needs improvement, early September is the time to aerate and overseed.  Aerifying removes small plugs of soil to allow air and nutrients to penetrate the soil. The cool weather is ideal for newly seeded lawns to become established.

And there are still a couple of months left to add a new patio for enjoying the nice fall weather! We can install seat walls, retaining walls, and patios in a custom design for you.

Our fall maintenance services include shrub pruning, tree pruning, leaf removal, cutting back perennials and just overall leaf cleanup. These are inexpensive but necessary services to keep your gardens looking great for years.

Call now to book any of these services!


Water-Smart Gardening

July 31st, 2012

Most people don’t realize that most water use and water waste actually occurs outdoors.  During this drought, without supplemental irrigation many landscape plants are already going dormant for the winter or simply dying off. There are two simple ways to combat this: planting native plants and rainwater catchment systems.

Native plants have adapted to our local environment and are the best selection for any new landscape. They are both low maintenance and low water using plants. Many people think of dry prairies when they think of native but this is a wrong assumption! You can have a beautiful landscape using native plant material. It is true that all living things need water, but the amount each requires varies. After planting native plant types, the water requirements are much below those of exotic plant species. You will save both money and time with maintaining a native landscape.

Rainwater catchment systems provide another way to recycle rainwater and keep your plants looking great. Rain barrels placed at the bottom of each gutter collect water which can be reused for supplemental plant watering. This has been used in Europe for hundreds of years and is a great way to save even more money on water bills while keeping your plants thriving!

A very easy way to retain some moisture in your soil is to add an “insulating” layer of fresh mulch. Mulch helps moderate the soil temperature and helps retain any moisture the plants receive whether by rainfall or hand watering. We offer mulch delivery and placement at great rates!

Call us today to discuss these options for your landscape at 309-839-9448.

TIP: All plants require a different amount of water and it is difficult to judge how much to give specific plants. A good general rule is to stick your finger into the soil at the base of each plant. If your finger comes out dry and no soil is sticking to it, you need to water! Always water slowly so the water will percolate into the root zone of each plant. Watering should typically occur a few times a week depending on weather conditions.