Create a Landscape Unique to You

Are you less than excited by the state of your landscape? With the nice weather we’ve had lately, it’s tempting to head out to the nearest garden center to pick up a few shrubs and perennials to fill in some bare spots. But have you considered hiring a landscape designer first?

A beautifully functional landscape requires more than a few trips to the garden center. Unlike decorating inside, plants grow and change over time. Whether the space is large or small, we can use our design experience in laying out your space. You can still install the plants yourselves if you are on a budget, but you will have a plan completed by a professional giving you peace of mind that you won’t have to change things down the road.

We’ve all seen gorgeous garden beds, ponds, and retaining walls and perhaps you’ve tried to replicate the look – but what works in a neighbor’s yard might not work in yours. Sometimes, plants available one season might not be available the next, making it hard to unify your property into one space.

Plants sold in catalogues might not survive our winters as well. The amount of sunlight, soil type, a plant’s growth habit, and many other variable factors can affect the plant selections that will work best for you. Gardening is not like architecture, where once you put up a building it just needs general maintenance. Plants grow and change throughout the seasons and years, creating a constantly different garden. Our education and experience in horticulture and design brings perspective to how landscapes will mature over time.

The insight and time it takes to think about a property can save you money in ways that a one size fits all style can’t do. The value of a plan put to paper pays dividents in the long run, fitting the conditions of the space while also creating something unique and special for each client – not simply selling plants stocked in a store. We also don’t force our own style on you – yes we all like some things better than others – but it is your home and we will work with your likes and dislikes to help you feel comfortable with what you really want.

Whether your idea of a personal oasis is a lush, plant filled backyard with the sound of flowing water, or a shady patio requiring little maintenance, working with a designer can help you achieve the look that’s right for you, saving money over the long term by planning from the beginning.

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