Bulk Mulch, Soil, Rock, & Landscape Material Delivery

If you need bulk landscape materials delivered to finish your projects, give us a call. We offer delivery of the same high quality mulch used in our landscape installations, as well as playground mulch, screened topsoil, river rock, decorative stone, driveway gravel and much, much more. Call today (309) 839-9448 to discuss how much you need and we will provide you with an estimate. Bulk Material available for delivery only. 




Mulch Installation & Mulch Delivery

Mulch provides numerous benefits to plants by providing an insulating layer to minimize ground temperature fluctuations, depressing weed growth, holding in moisture, protecting roots, and breaking down to provide beneficial nutrients.  Mulch typically costs $40/yard (tax included). Colored mulches and playground mulch cost more, please email for more information.

Call or email for a quote if you are interested in having Gudeman Gardens provide mulch installation services.



Bulk Soil Delivery and Soil Installation

Our topsoil is free of clay, rocks, and clumps, and comes sifted & pulverized.  This is the recommended soil for use in gardens, planting trees, shrubs, and perennials, along with lawn renovations and backfilling hard surfaces and low spots.

$65/ton plus delivery. One ton of screened topsoil covers a 10’x10′ area to approximately 3″ deep.  Limit of 5 tons per delivery.


Please call for a quote if you are interested in having us perform the labor/soil spreading.


River Rock & Decorative Stone Installation & Delivery

Do you need to touch up existing river rock beds? Or do you need to add some new stone areas around your home? We can deliver and install many types and colors of decorative stone. Prices vary depending on type of stone selected. Limit of 5 tons per delivery.

Western IL River rock: $80/ton

Shadow Stone or Meramec: $90/ton

Purple Passion: $125/ton

Driveway Gravel (White Rock): $45/ton


Please call for a quote if you are interested in us installing these materials for you.


Delivery Rates

Delivery within Bloomington / Normal is $50. Prices increase outside of town based on mileage.

We must be able to drop the material on your driveway or solid ground.


Material Installation

Please contact us for a quote if you would like any of the above materials installed.


Call for a quote at 309-839-9448,

or  Fill out our Consultation Request Form, and we will contact you!